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  • We provide all the equipment for your event, you just provided the guest list.
  • Choose from one of our packages or create your own
  • You can pay per person or by the hour.
  • We can also provided party favors with our favorites products.
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Eve Milan understands that confidence and self-esteem are pivotal parts of a girls development. Our focus is to encourage young girls to love their natural beauty and embrace their uniqueness by promoting healthy practices and emphasizing how important it is to love and care for yourself. Through facials, manicure and pedicure stations girls will develops an early realization of how gorgeous they are, making self-esteem issues a thing of the past. Our job is to empower young girls. Every little girl should have an Eve Milan Spa Party for her birthday! .

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Pamper Parties

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Client’s Feedbacks:

Pamper Party

  • You bring the wine and we will take care of everything else
  • Simple manicure to full body massages
  • Choose from Chanel, Shellac or Essie classic colors
  • Have a peel party and watch everyones skin...GLOW!
  • Schedule your party today!

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